Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Running Late, But, I Have Arrived.

 WHEW.  I apologize for being late.  But, I had to mind the business that pays me.  

So I finished both funded trading challenges.  I have now officially passed these challenges three times.  Not an easy feat.  But, it can be done, and it can be done more than once.  

Led me to make a public post so I can be sure to mark the milestone. #ButGod

I am adding this to my timeline today because I want to see it in a year. 

This is a diagram that I will explain one day.  But what I want you to see know is how it resembles life.  See, I started.  Got some traction.  Had a setback.  Recovered partially.  Got set back again. Partially again.  Tread water. Gained momentum.  Got set back, Got up and tried again.  Then it happened.  Everything I worked for.  Just like that.

There will be storms.  Distractions. Detours. Some losses. You feel like your almost out.  Don't give up ever.  It can't happen unless you keep getting up and trying again. 

This chart is a testimony.  I never want to forget the journey, the lessons, the spankings, the partial victories, and the comeback.

At one point I thought I would die. 

Yes, this chart is what my life looks like. I am beyond grateful.  My prayer is that I never forget the journey.  That as I move forward every piece of wisdom gained, every lesson learned be used to help someone else. 


P.S.  A funded trader is one who after an evaluation period acquires an account to trade that is funded by OPM.  OPM is other people's money.   A funded trader is one who works for a propriety trading firm who assigns them a level of assets to manage.  In return the trading firm and the trader share the profit.  A comparison would be an investment manager at one of our major investment firms like Fidelity, JP Morgan, or Chase, just to name a few.

Starting next week I will chronicle how we got here.  Starting with the new challenge I started in July. 

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