Friday, July 17, 2020

Special Announcement

Good day everyone.

I hope that during these times you are safe and well.  Take care of yourself first!  I am excited about next week.  I will start doing short lives early in the morning.  My days will be on Tuesday and Thursday.  

The goal of the live video will be to show how I find my trades.  Hopefully, these will be about 5 minutes.   Over the weekend I will put together a market recap.  Blog posts will move to Monday in order to include the Market recap.

I realize that this time has been difficult for many.   My family has not been immune.  We have had to deal with just about all the issues that have arrived during these trying times.  The focus has had to change and adapt to our current situation.  But THANK GOD-- I took a listen at something new, learned a skill set, that endures even during the present circumstances.   If I had not been for learning to trade independently, I can not imagine where we would be.

WE have had: 
Family members ill
Total loss of paychecks
Hours cut
Benefits cut
Pay cut

But instead of going backward:
We paid off debt.
All of our current obligations are paid in advance.
Our credit scores have soared.
We are saving money. 

If you or someone you know has had similar situations I would love to help.  Feel free to plug in and let's go!


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