Friday, March 20, 2020

Challenges of March 2020

Midway into March 2020 and it has proven to be quite a bit of a challenge for our scalping strategy.  I changed the trading times to include the Asain session.  As you can see, we see a large number of trades.  We are still hitting more than we usually hit on the SL. 
 -- Both accounts posted a decrease again.  For next week, we are going to see if a 30 pip SL helps out.  What we need the lowest number possible that does not cause other trades to stop out as well. 

The $20 account is not without its bruises.  Here is what transpired since the last time it was shared.  We are down -883 pips.  (thru 3/18/2020) However, this account is still 5 x more than where it started and as soon as we have a clear vision of how to proceed...... 
You can always view the current stats at:

Just remember, these times and where built-in from the beginning!


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