Friday, February 28, 2020

Spotting a Fake Statistician-Take Profit

Spotting a Fake Statistician-Take Profit

These past few weeks, I confirmed a precious lesson learned earlier on.  A winning record does not mean a winning account.  While focusing on finding better account management and stop-loss, I was able to prove what I already know.  A winning record does not mean the account is making money.  In fact, without proper money management, just one loss can wipe out any profit made at all.

This is how and why this blog came about.  I have not arrived.  However, so many are only showing you half of the story.  I wanted space to be accountable and transparent.  

Here are a few things I look for when evaluating the source for education and mentorship.  Instead of a win to loss record; is it backed up with an ROI percentage.  ROI stands for RETURN on INVESTMENT.  This information is crucial to a profitable strategy. 

HOW do I provide factual based information that you can compare too?  Well, I use FX BLUE, which is a 3rd party independent of any organization I belong to.  At, you can see the full account being blogged about here.  What I offer that I don't see freely shared is:

1.  The account is real.  Not a demo account.
2.  All trades are there, even the massive losses.
3.  It can not get much more real than that. 

I expect to see some more losses while I fix my money management problem.  Stick around.  I won't be here for long. ~~HizRib

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