Friday, February 14, 2020

Just the Statistics TP4/TP4+

Just the Stats…
Good day everyone.  For the immediate future, I will just post the statistics on the trading of this account.  I am focusing on some additional education to improve my results.  There were a few trades that had been open for some time.  I added a STOP LOSS to them this week and they did hit it.  Meaning.  There were a few losses. But somehow, even with the losses, the account is still where it is supposed to be!-- 

I am keeping in mind that this account started with just $20.  #StillWinning

Besides, for us at TP4/TP4+ having a winning record is not enough.  The account needs to win, and make money.  Not have the losses lose money or breakeven and start over again.  This is the forex life. #WeTradeForex

Full trading account statistics at

Still in the competition!-- 2 more weeks left. 

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