Friday, December 27, 2019

iMIndset 2020 TP4/TP4+ Crew

iMIndset 2020 TP4/TP4+ Crew

In case you did not know, you all are near and dear to our hearts.  @AndrePilateEnglish  @shanikab773 
Let me tell you something.  None other than @komartinez   has been cooking up something extra for you. 

I can not wait for the New Year and all the opportunity that comes with it!

In the meantime; I am going over my Bob Proctor iMindset and Workbook every day.-- If you missed this information, it is not too late.  

A replay of the Webinar is above: 
#Mindset2020 LIVE Online Seminar Replay | Bob Proctor 

The workbook is here:

Isn't it about time we invested in ourselves fully???? I know I am doing everything I can to get connected to the source and stay in full agreement with each of you doing the same. 

Just in case you are wondering what is in my playlist..... 

Check out Bless Me (The Prayer Of Jabez) by Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers

I Win - Jemero Carter & Kingdomology

Don't Do It Without Me - Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.

You can get the full playlist here:

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