Friday, December 2, 2016

Holiday Crash and Burn Plan

Well, Holiday festivities are in full swing.  Sometimes I wish I really did not enjoy food the way I do.  Anyone else?-- See, I need to get on plan and stay on plan.  But my mind says, ewwww... you have a baby shower and hubbz Company Christmas party tomorrow.  NO way you can stay on plan...  and I begin to excuse eating bad today, tomorrow, and Sunday too.... 

21 days to go and this is not helping!-- Well in actuallity they were Bugles... and technically not free.  7/11 had a buy one get one for $1.

Just going to have to grin and bear it!- Diet Bet is in full effect and YUP, I lost zero- zlitch- nada- this week. 
Week 1-Starting Weight- 298.9 lbs. 
Week 2-289.9 lbs. 
Week 3
Week 4-286.9 lbs. Goal Weight by 12/23…ummmmm Merry Christmas to ME!  I will ad the scale pic later because.... I ran off and left my phone today... SMH.

Exciting things are coming!  Stay tuned, I just did not want to be late on my update.  Just registered my Etsy Shop.  Let's see what little pretties I will produce.


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