Monday, November 21, 2016

Starting over hurts... It always has and I imagine it always will.

Well, I have not updated for almost 2 1/2 months and as I mentally begin to list off my reasons, all I hear is excuse, excuse, excuse.  For the most part my mind is right.

My son, pre-man at 17 and all took a hard fall and managed to fracture both is ankle and knee on different legs.  I had lulled myself into a sense of almost being finished.  He is the baby.  The last one.  This was a definite set back and frankly; I was blindsided.  All that extra time I had been enjoying?  It dried right on up.  It's true; they will never stop being our bay-bees.  I am Grateful that God allowed him to heal with no surgery.  We have a bout coming up with ankle and knee rehab.  But I know he will be stronger when finished.

Due to his accident, my foot surgery was delayed.  I found myself in pain that was uncontrollable.  You would have thought it funny to see me try to Praise Dance with my Church Family.  It's called the Jericho March for a reason.  Every painful step bore a request for healing for both my son and myself.  Those closest to me knew and could tell the pain was excruciating.  Sometimes you have to dance in pain.  I can't explain it.  You just have to do it. So happy that my procedure went well and I am home recovering.

My project management classes are swiftly underway and I am struggling to keep up. Reasonsable reasons right?  Well maybe.  I am not sure that I had to drift off my path.  I just think I let it happen.

Weight wise:  I am a bit amazed.  My last blog weigh in was the last week in September.  I have not been on HCG in over 3 months.  Surprisingly, I feel like I have gained it all back.  Have not been on the scale because I did not want to be disappointed.  Today I stepped on the scale and was relieved! God keeps us when we can't keep ourselves.
Last weigh in:  288.8 lbs. (TOM)
Today's weigh in: 290.8 I did not take a pic but I will get back with it.  I actually did not remember what my last weight was and was sure this was at least 10lbs heavier.

Yes it is a 2 lb gain.  No I am not upset with it.  I think you can guess my eating has been all over the place.  I tried to maintain my activity level and finally it subsided. Starting over is going to hurt and you best believe I know it.  Activity limited while I heal; but no reason why I can not work on my eating again.  #ThanksgivingAndAll

When I first envisioned this blog, I saw it as a way to share #TheAdventuresOfHizRib.  My journey for a healthy lifestyle as just one faucet of many.  I have found this extremely difficult!  Turns out, I am super private and not always in the mood for sharing.  Well. I will be working on that.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Find a Grateful spirit and you will find miracles.
More adventures to come, and regular posts starting 11/25.

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  1. No doubt starting over anything something really hurts, one really needs to be strong to face these type of consequences and I am glad you make it through your tough time.