Monday, September 19, 2016

StepBet and the Hunny Prize Pot

HMMMMM... Hunny Prize Pot!-- This was sweet when I found it; and bittersweet as I write about it.  Back in July, I stumbled upon this app/game that was sure to increase my movement.  StepBet had me put up my $40 bucks and in return I was now committed to walking.  At first, the goals seemed very high to me and I struggled as I tried to adapt.

I needed this weekly to stay in the game and not lose my money:
2-Stretch days at 14,028 steps
4-Active days at 10,428 steps and
1-Rest day

I was not sure what to make of it but I was determined I would not lose my money I had put in.  I watched as the pot grew to over $50k and visions of "winning it all" began to entice me and encourage me to do better than my very best.  Especially tasking was at this time I was hitting the 10k goal M-F with next to no movement on the weekend and feeling pretty darn good about it.

So, I am off... the race begins.  Over the 6 weeks for the contest I sweat, cried, hurt, and did it again.  Week after Week.  By the 4th week I began to notice that it was not as hard as it had been.  In fact; I was no longer concerned about making it. I realized that HEY you!-- Your moving!  And you’re doing it every single day!-- YOU Go!-- and other people were noticing too.  An old co-worker asked me if I slept because my "fitbit challenge" results increased, and I picked up a very valuable GYM Buddy.  So thankful for my redheaded friend.

Along the way I figured out the money thing is rigged.  -- WE went from 1365 players to 903 finishing.  The winners were to split the pot.  But at the end of this rainbow is the realization that this was never about the money.  The App developers keep 25% (12.5% during the beta testing) and will forfeit their cut ONLY in the event that the winners do would not get their original investment back.  I DID WIN...My payout was $52.91.  A bit over 30% ROI and let's be honest!  When it comes to investment vehicles that is a great return!  Even better because I invested in myself.

NOW.  Quite honestly... I loved this and it motivated me.  I am glad for the winners because it means they made their goals to.  I did see many comments about not winning more and I really was saddened by them.  Because that means that person failed to meet the goal they set for themselves.

And, the game/app makers know this!-- It is set up for 6 weeks to discourage those who need money quick or the gambling type.  It is intentional.

Fast-forward to today.  I am currently in my second challenge doing the same as before.  Bittersweet because the Plantar Fasciitis and Bone Spur have ended my time on the treadmill.  This morning I resolved to bike for 50 minutes and I did complete it.  To my dismay it only gets around 3k in steps.  But so are the life choices.  I do not want foot surgery so I am minding what the Dr. says.  I have this week and the next to finish this second round.  I will decide if I can do anymore based on how well my feet are responding to treatment.

The same company has another app/game that is actually their first product.  DietBet.  I have joined and will write about it next week.  This one concerns me; because I continue to go up and down.  But I am hoping the thought of losing my funding will keep me on track like it did above!

I will tell you why there is a "word" next week!
Quick update--because accountability is everything!  I figure, even when I am disappointed with the gain I need to be honest with myself.

WEEK 1 NO HCG 288 lbs.  
WEEK 2 NO HCG 291.4 lbs.  

Every minute, every hour, every day, every week just keep moving forward!

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