Monday, September 12, 2016

Emotional Eating Roller Coaster and 10 lbs lost pic...Week 1 NO HCG

The heart walk was amazing.  I had my best day ever.  Over 22k in steps.  I did feel everyone one of them in my left heel.  It is not responding as well as the right did to the cortisone injection.  Hopefully at my next appointment with the podiatrist there is another alternative for treatment.  

I am a very emotional eater.  I just feel better with food.  Always have and I do not think any drug will ever take that away.  Right now I am focusing on really staying faithful to myself.  See I will never entirely eliminate life's roller coasters.  My GF's mom passed this week.  Since they are mourning I wanted to do what I do.  Provide food.  Therefore; this weekend ended in Lasagna and Enchiladas, and a fresh homemade chocolate cake, neither of which were even close to low carb.  I was supposed to be dropping this off for her and her family in their time of need--but I never made it over and had to stick the extra trays in the freezer. 

I will say this.  I much rather have that moment then stay there.  That's what I used to do; start eating and just stay there.  Instead of making super gigantic trays like a I normally do for a family of 4- I made what we would eat in one day.  Mind you though, for the family side of things, the servings were still too much.  I am looking for a way for them to be satisfied with one serving instead of 5.  We are not there; very-very far from it.  This really is a win/loss/loss/loss/loss and I blame myself for that.  AFTER ALL I am the one that made it. 

I think being honest about it is helping me.  See for so many years I have hide this from everyone.  Even those closest to me.  Did not want my husband to see that I just ate $20 worth of junk that I just bought from the corner store.  He seen that one time when I was pregnant with our son, and I was so ashamed I never let him see me do it again.  The problem is that was 17 years ago and I have not stopped.

I would like an accountability partner.  Someone that you can "snap" a pic and shoot it to before eating.  I think that might help.  Because the guilt and shame would keep me from indulging in secret.  

Drum Roll please.....
Today's statistics are:
WEEK 1 Round 2 298 lbs.
WEEK 2 Round 2 293 lbs.
WEEK 3 Round 2 296 lbs.

WEEK 4 Round 2 292 lbs. 
WEEK 5 Round 2 293 lbs. 

WEEK 6 Round 2 294 lbs.

WEEK 1 NO HCG 288 lbs.

Above you have my 10lbs lost pictures.  I really am not interested in playing with the angles to produce results.  That's why I wore the same outfit.  Truth is with the 48 lbs gone all my clothes are too big.  I do not see a difference in the pictures themselves.  But I feel the difference in how things fit; and in the way I carry my weight. I will hire a photographer (My daughter just got drafted) and get a new "START" pic where we can see the difference.  Not going to pick these pictures apart because I see a difference even in my areas that need the most work.  Slipped into these jeans with no issue.  Just what I needed to meet Darren Woodson.... One of my favorite players from when it was more then just fun to be a Dallas Cowboy Fan. 

Welp... here's to visions of cupcakes that are virtual and not physical!  See you next week. 

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