Monday, August 29, 2016

My Dirty Little Secret; Time to Air the Laundry

Welp, I missed my post last week.  Bet you thought I quit?  Well I wanted to.  I have been super busy and not much has settled down yet.  Work, Hubbz, Kiddos... the cycle is a never ending but fulfilling one. 

Had to drive my oldest down to Galveston, TX.  She left for the Bahamas Saturday.  Turns out Carnival re-routed them to Mexico and Jamaica because of storms.  I am so happy for her.  She used no money of ours AND no money of hers outside her gratuities and spending money.  Pretty amazing for a 20 year old kid who just finished up her summer working at Six Flags.  

Had to go to the Doctor.  Have a nagging non-stop pain in my heels.  Most likely bone spurs.  The pain on the left side has grown into more then I can bear.  HOWEVER, it lead to one of the best feelings I have had in a long time.  By the Doctor's scale (the one I count as official mentally)...I have lost 43 lbs.  

Back in November 2015, I found myself disgusted. So I searched out a DR. who specializes in weight loss surgery and medical weight loss.  See, only a select few know I had a gastric bypass about 14 years ago.  It's been so long I no longer remember the specifics.  I can't even remember my Dr. The procedure I had was the older Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass.  At that time I was my heaviest at 411 lbs.  I did lose weight. I lost 100 lbs.  But I bottomed out with the lowest being around 302. From then until November 2015, I would gain and lose. My heaviest being 336 and never really getting under 300 lbs.  

What I do not want is more surgeryYou see, my dirty little secret is I have tried twice.  I succumbed to my wanting an easy change and had not one--BUT two revisions.  But God will not let me cut corners.  I am not blaming the surgery. Weight loss surgery is only a tool.  If it is not accompanied by lifestyle changes; it does not work. Here I am the poster child to that testament! That's why I started this blog.  Time to be accountable for everything I say and do. 

Its obvious, I did not re-start this blog back in November. If I had, you would understand how big of a day this particular weigh in was for me.  Truth is, I doubted if I would really make an effort.  I have started and stopped more times then I can count.  But this 43 lbs. represents my struggle and my dedication.  I am in the process of ordering my medical records.  It is time to really document everything.  These months have not been smooth sailing.  Just like life, there have been downs (loss), ups (gains), and downs again....

Speaking of which... I have two updates on my weight since I missed last week.  I am down to the last two weeks of this HCG round.  I am really questioning if HCG is helping me.  I seem to be losing normal.  We will use the 6 weeks after I stop this session to measure whether or not it made a difference.
Drum Roll please.....
Today's statistics are:
WEEK 1 Round 2 298 lbs.
WEEK 2 Round 2 293 lbs.
WEEK 3 Round 2 296 lbs.

WEEK 4 Round 2 292 lbs. (gain is gone... Yessss!!)
WEEK 5 Round 2 293 lbs. (hmmm... Thanks TOM... this better be temporary.

~~See you next week...with a smile from above it will be with a 10lbs lost pic.

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  1. Honestly you did a great job dear. Losing weight is not easy if you ask it from me because i am thinking for years but could not do it.