Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 3~Ups and Downs

Well this week the scale is showing a gain of 2lbs.  I will not blame the protocol because the protocol did not do it.  Life just seems to through in some curve balls.

Friday Night, I found myself at a local Italian restaurant with my lifelong bestie.  I very carefully scrutinized the menu and decided to order the Country Fagioli.   I was expecting broth and spinach with a few white beans.  I even asked the waiter to confirm.  Well the broth was cream based.  I just relented and enjoyed.  I managed to dodge all bread and pasta; so sometimes you just take the hit.

Saturday, I had better luck, staying within the HCG 2.0 protocol.  My thought process was that the higher calorie allowance would help me more when I am home with my family.

Sunday was a totally different story.  I cooked for the family and ate with the family.  I knew it would cost.  And today's weight may not be the end of it.  That's the way HCG works.  Cheats may take days to show up and will most likely cause stalls in the next few days while I get myself straightened out.  This basically means I may be on protocol 100% for the next week and not see much progress. 

For this round, I only have this week and next before I begin to set my weight.  (Miami is on the horizon).

I will have a break and start back up on 8/1.  Looks like I will have some teammates with me.  But for now, I am just going to concentrate on the time I have left and make my absolute best run at sticking to the protocol as closely as possible.  For those looking for answers; HCG Chica has a whole page dedicated to struggles while using HCG.  I will be reading it and using it for motivation.

All in all, this is day 14 and my loss is 10lbs.  10lbs in 2 weeks is still pretty amazing. 

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