Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 2~Off to a GREAT start.

Ok, today is actually Day 8 of the HCG 2.0 protocol.  I am down 12lbs. which is wonderful!-- This week starts at 300lbs and I am excited at that because it means I should officially get under that this week. 
I have some major dates in July, a trip to Miami, and lots of birthdays that prevents me from doing a full 6 weeks like I want to.  I decided to do a short round of 21 days, which gives me the ability to set my weight before Miami and little Havana.

So let's talk about the last 8 days.

First I decided to use pharmaceutical grade HCG.  I acquired mine internationally due to price savings.  If you go that route be sure you do your research and allow for time to clear customs.  However, I will not make recommendations regarding where to buy since so many have expressed bad experiences.  I ordered 3 vials of 5000 i.u.  I decided against injections although I am sure I will pursue later.  I followed these instructions to make my HCG sublingual.

HCGChica has some tried and true resources on where to order your HCG.  Also a really great blog!  Her transformation has been amazing.

I have experience with the OP HCG (old protocol) and you can familiarize yourself it as well since it is the ground floor for the new protocol HCG 2.0.  Get Dr. Simeons .pdf here.   Then you will need Dr. Zach LaBoube's book HCG 2.0 for the differences on what you can now allow.   For me the main difference is I have an allowance of a bit over 800 calories per day vs. the OP of 500.  This is calculated using your starting BMR and should be recalculated for every 10 lbs lost.

After week one, I have used the Ketostix to detect ketones and I have a slight elevation.  The goal here is to achieve Ketosis.  Mass information is out there saying Ketostix are not the most accurate.  For now, I am using them.

So far, I have no hunger and since I love to cook options are endless.   I try to have a big Sunday breakfast.  Yesterday's consisted of 1 large egg and 2 servings of egg beaters.  I topped it with an extra serving of chunky salsa just for a bonus.

And how does one not cheat on Father's day?  Well that one proved more difficult.  My menu for my husband included a 1lb. Prime Rib, Grilled Shrimp and Asparagus, and a German Chocolate Cake.  Easy to see that I myself would not be able to indulge with him.  I simply downgraded.  I did enjoy a nice 3.5 oz. of that prime rib, and all the asparagus I wanted.  My shellfish allergy kept me from diving into the shrimp--which otherwise would be more then acceptable.  Next time though, I need to skip making the German Chocolate Cake... Although that would be unfair to Papi.  Just too much temptation.

Updates will be weekly.... See you next week!


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