Saturday, November 26, 2016

Creation Corner~Baby's 1st Tutu~Baby Shower Gift

Happy AFTER Turkey Day Weekend everyone.  Just jumping right in with this week's update.

Hopefully, everyone had their fill of fun and family.  This Holiday is a lost cause for me.  I enjoy it so much I just will not deprive myself.  Good thing is there are no leftovers.  Bad thing!!!! Ummmm--- THERE ARE NO LEFTOVERS.  Who cooks Thanksgiving weekend?  You guessed it, this chick right here will be. Did you find any good shopping deals?  I have to say I did find a few.  

A new friend of mine is due in December with a beautiful baby girl and I decided to work on a gift for the shower.  I am finally at a point where I am focusing more on my creative vibe.  I would love to craft something just for you.  So stay tuned for many different projects!
This is a Diaper Cake arrangement.  It includes newborn size huggies, baby's 1st TuTu, a matching onsie, matching leggings, and matching shoes or booties.  This one was done in purple which stands for Royalty.  Very fitting for the little girl it is made for.  The saying on front, “Stay away Boys, my daddy works out” is very fitting for her daddy! (A good friend of JD’s)  I can customize any color or theme, starting at $30.00.  Price will increase based in items added to the arrangement.  I have to admit, if you are giving a shower these make GREAT Functional Centerpieces!-- A decoration you don't have to throw away because mom will use the entire gift!

Before I close let’s get a quick update on my weight loss journey!-- Monday, I will be released from my foot surgery. I am kind of excited.  Still have some soreness today--but that is ok!  I jumped right in and started a DIETBET.  You might remember it.  This one I did just for the next 4 weeks.  I will need to lose 12% of my body weight to win.  Not so sure just how I am going to achieve it yet; but I am officially underway.  Need to keep the holiday pounds at bay?—Well you can join me!  $35 to play and win your share of the pot.  Starts today!  Not sure about the wager?  Well, I did join one for $10 too.  Get in by December 1st!

Don’t wait until the New Year!

Week 1-Starting Weight- 298.9 lbs. 
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4-286.9 lbs. Goal Weight by 12/23…ummmmm Merry Christmas to ME!

Well off to think of some more creative things..... See you next week.


  1. It is indeed a Beautiful and gorgeous for the coming little angel. I am thinking about joining you in the program but might be after the new year starts as I have tons of work to do for now.

    1. Believe me.... I have been so busy it's ridiculous. I joined a 6 week boot camp to get back moving! 3 weeks in.

  2. Amazing baby shower gift idea. I am totally very impressed to see these photos here. At some local venue New York I will be attending a tea baby shower and was just in need of such inspirations. Will surely buy a tutu set for her girl.