Monday, September 26, 2016

Cucumber Chips (review) and My Next Conquest....

I am so excited!-- This weekend I was in "SNACK MODE" and my usual go to consists of salt and crunch.  This for me can be detrimental since it is sooooo easy to crunch right through a bag of chips.  I mean, really, chips chew down to nothing.

Hence, I was at Sprouts and saw a new-ish item.  I have tried the Okra chips, and they are delectable.  The Veggie chips are so~so.  The green bean chips will do in a pinch.  But let me introduce you to my new favorite pinch hitter!  Cucumber chips.  I love cucumber.  They smell clean!--and refreshing.  They are great for weight loss because you can eat alot for next to no calories.  They help to hydrate you from the inside, and flush out toxins.  Albeit, fried cucumbers may not keep this ability.

Yes, they are fried... but I still had to just try them.  And as far as fried goes... WELL these are not the end of the war.  Really, I could have done much worse!  I did find several recipes for baked ones and I think I might try them.  I love Kale chips.

So home they went and what better way to test them out then with my favorite Garlic Hummus.  The texture is light and airy.  The taste, well they actually taste like cucumbers!  SO I dipped to my heart's content.  I will definitely buy again!

Time to update on progress.  This is the 3rd week without HCG and I am fluctuating.  My results are down overall however I am the same weight as when I stopped the HCG.

WEEK 1 NO HCG 288 lbs.  
WEEK 2 NO HCG 291.4 lbs.   
WEEK 3 NO HCG 288.8 lbs. (TOM)

Which brings me to my next conquest.  I have started a DietBet and committed to losing 10% of my body weight over the next 6 months.  I will write more in-depth about it later.  For now, you can see my first goal and the date I must achieve it by.  Not only do I need to be 282 lbs. by 10/19, I have to maintain to surpass it for the next round.  This will be a real journey, as I have only been losing 5 lbs or so monthly.   Check in on my often; let's see if I can make this a reality.  ~~Jennifer

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  1. I am a crazy fan of snacks and I love the idea of Snack mode during the weekend. Good luck for your weight loss idea. I hope you achieve it.