Friday, March 27, 2020

Covid-19 and What's for Dinner

Covid-19 and What's for Dinner

OK, so I am just like everyone else and totally bored.  And TP has not been trading as well as I would like during these times.  SO I am officially doing some backtesting and continuing to adjust.  April will see some changes to how we trade based on each pair.

In the meantime....
Here's what's for dinner. LOL  Maybe I should feature a Cooking Keto for a Crowd Series.

CopyCat Barbacoa Chicken with Cilantro Cali Rice
12 servings

Seasoning Mix
10 minced garlic cloves
1 tsp Cumin
4 tsp Oregano
1 tsp Pepper
1 TBS coriander
1 ½ TSP Cinnamon
1 tsp Salt (high quality, I used pink)
3 tsp Chili Powder
3 limes juiced or 4-6 TBS Lime Juice

12 5 oz. boneless skinless chicken breast
2 cans fire-roasted tomatoes or 1 jar fire-roasted salsa

Cilantro Cali-Rice
6 cups riced Cauliflower (approx.. 2 heads)
1 tsp Salt (high quality, I used pink)
1 bunch Cilantro finely chopped
3 limes juiced or 4-6 Tbs Lime Juice

1.       Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees.  Because I had such a large amount I baked the chicken instead of using my Foodi.
2.      Combine the Seasoning Mix in a bowl and set aside.  If too dry, use additional lime juice until you have a paste.
3.      Arrange Chicken Breast flat in a baking dish.  This is a double recipe for my family of 8.  I use two separate casserole dishes to fit the chicken without crowding.
4.      Rub the seasoning paste over all the chicken breast.
5.      Bake for 10 minutes and remove from oven.
6.      Top with fire-roasted tomatoes (salsa) and return to oven.  Bake for 10 additional minutes. 
7.      Remove leaves and stems and pulse Cauliflower in Ninja until a rice-like texture is achieved.
8.      Place skillet on medium heat.  Spray bottom of a large skillet. (I used Avocado Oil) (can sauté in the Foodi)
9.      Add Cauliflower to skillet and stir frequently.  Cauliflower has its own moisture.  Continue stirring as moisture releases 5-7 minutes.  Add salt, cilantro, and lime juice.  Sauté 2-3 additional minutes until Cauliflower reaches desired tenderness.
10.   Served on a bed of spinach for additional nutrition value.  (optional)

I have not traded the $20 account and soon I will be able to share why.  For now, there is a check I am chasing.  Expect more once the bag is secure.


Friday, March 20, 2020

Challenges of March 2020

Midway into March 2020 and it has proven to be quite a bit of a challenge for our scalping strategy.  I changed the trading times to include the Asain session.  As you can see, we see a large number of trades.  We are still hitting more than we usually hit on the SL. 
 -- Both accounts posted a decrease again.  For next week, we are going to see if a 30 pip SL helps out.  What we need the lowest number possible that does not cause other trades to stop out as well. 

The $20 account is not without its bruises.  Here is what transpired since the last time it was shared.  We are down -883 pips.  (thru 3/18/2020) However, this account is still 5 x more than where it started and as soon as we have a clear vision of how to proceed...... 
You can always view the current stats at:

Just remember, these times and where built-in from the beginning!


Friday, March 13, 2020

New Merchandise

Good day everyone, we are still tweaking the numbers for our strategy.  For the next few weeks, I just expect to report on the statistics.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

All trades this week have a 50 pip SL due to all the irregularities in trading. Both accounts have finished the week at a loss.

Friday, March 6, 2020

WHOA! Money Management 101- TP4/TP4+

WHOA! Money Management 101- TP4/TP4+

As most of you know, I have not done much trading in the $20 to Seven Figures account while I have reassessed some losses from a few weeks ago. One thing that rings out over and over again is having proper money management system in place.
I will have a video to explain some changes I made at a later date.  Last week I boldly stated that a winning/losing record can be impressive and still not make a cent.  Because of that, there are some changes in how I am reporting on TP and TP4+ with more changes down the road.  For now, I want you to focus on the ROI.  Return On Investment is the bottom line dollar amount an account has grown or lost.  These results are reported above.

Next week, we will begin reporting on the $20 to 7 figures account again, and I will make graphics for any trades that happened during the transition period.  Thanks for your patience in this transition!  You can still view the account in realtime at:

~~ HizRib

71 trades 1 loss... Just so everyone knows what kind of SL I am using, I am using a 1.5% of the account balance on 1k accounts for both TP and TP+.  But more importantly, the ROI on this week's trading is 2.92% account growth for TP and 2.5% for TP+.

📢 TP

Tu    3.3.2020    33.8 pips ✅
We   4.3.2020    12.0 pips ✅
Th   5.3.2020    36.8 pips ✅
Fr   6.3.2020    44.0 pips ✅
💰 Weekly profit:   126.6 pips ✅ (2.92 %)
Total trades: 31
Wins: 31(100.0%) Losses: 0(0.0%)

📢 TP+

Tu    3.3.2020    45.4 pips ✅
We   4.3.2020    -38.6 pips ❌
Th   5.3.2020    44.1 pips ✅
Fr   6.3.2020    51.5 pips ✅
💰 Weekly profit:   102.4 pips ✅
Total trades: 40
Wins: 39(97.5%) Losses: 1(2.5%)

71 trades 1 loss... Just so everyone knows what kind of SL I am using, I am using a 1.5% of the account balance on 1k accounts for both TP and TP+.  But more importantly, the ROI on this week's trading is 2.92% account growth for TP and 2.5% for TP+.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Spotting a Fake Statistician-Take Profit

Spotting a Fake Statistician-Take Profit

These past few weeks, I confirmed a precious lesson learned earlier on.  A winning record does not mean a winning account.  While focusing on finding better account management and stop-loss, I was able to prove what I already know.  A winning record does not mean the account is making money.  In fact, without proper money management, just one loss can wipe out any profit made at all.

This is how and why this blog came about.  I have not arrived.  However, so many are only showing you half of the story.  I wanted space to be accountable and transparent.  

Here are a few things I look for when evaluating the source for education and mentorship.  Instead of a win to loss record; is it backed up with an ROI percentage.  ROI stands for RETURN on INVESTMENT.  This information is crucial to a profitable strategy. 

HOW do I provide factual based information that you can compare too?  Well, I use FX BLUE, which is a 3rd party independent of any organization I belong to.  At, you can see the full account being blogged about here.  What I offer that I don't see freely shared is:

1.  The account is real.  Not a demo account.
2.  All trades are there, even the massive losses.
3.  It can not get much more real than that. 

I expect to see some more losses while I fix my money management problem.  Stick around.  I won't be here for long. ~~HizRib

Friday, February 21, 2020

Focus ON the Numbers--TP4/TP4+

As most of you know, I have not traded much this week.  I have taken a step back to evaluate some patterns that surfaced in the charts and have spent my time testing these theories. 

So I am still focusing just on statistics.   But I have to tell you, I had a real eye-opener with this.  I'm just going to put this here and let it sit.  A winning record does not mean the strategy makes money.  This goes for our own personal strategies used here.  If you want to dig a little deeper into my thinking process; here is a great blog post to reference.

I am sure in the next few weeks I will elaborate more.  But for now; that's it. 

TP4 Statistics are relatively unchanged since no new trades were entered this week.  WE did have one more go into profit.  The $20 Blog account had a very few select trades; just enough to move forward.  Keep in mind, I built several months of extra time into the goals of growing $20 into 7 figures.  I am glad I did that.  Breathers are necessary and needed.  No need to automatically build in stress.


Friday, February 14, 2020

Just the Statistics TP4/TP4+

Just the Stats…
Good day everyone.  For the immediate future, I will just post the statistics on the trading of this account.  I am focusing on some additional education to improve my results.  There were a few trades that had been open for some time.  I added a STOP LOSS to them this week and they did hit it.  Meaning.  There were a few losses. But somehow, even with the losses, the account is still where it is supposed to be!-- 

I am keeping in mind that this account started with just $20.  #StillWinning

Besides, for us at TP4/TP4+ having a winning record is not enough.  The account needs to win, and make money.  Not have the losses lose money or breakeven and start over again.  This is the forex life. #WeTradeForex

Full trading account statistics at

Still in the competition!-- 2 more weeks left.